Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dom & Gigi

Dom & Gigi are so gorgeous and it was so easy to photograph these two. Two children so full of energy that it keep me smiling and laughing.

They are the children of a great friend of mine and I was so pleased to be able to capture them at their best. It was really hard to pick just a few to post here so I decided to post a few extra,

Dom&GigiEaster 161

Dom&GigiEaster 091

Dom&GigiEaster 084

Dom&GigiEaster 044

Dom&GigiEaster 192

Dom&GigiEaster 209

Dom&GigiEaster 234

Dom&GigiEaster 213

These were technically Easter pictures so Sabrina brought along some adorable props to make the images festive!

Dom&GigiEaster 108

Dom&GigiEaster 105

Dom&GigiEaster 240

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