Sunday, August 29, 2010

The L Family {Inland Empire CA Family Photographer}

The L family are close friends of ours. I was honored to shoot Baby G's newborn session and now his 4 month old pics. This little guy is just as cute as they get. A little camera shy but he has perfect skin and gorgeous eyes.. of course looking at his mother (Sorry J!! haha) it's no wonder he has such great features! Thanks for such a great morning! 

LaFortuneFamily_07 copy

LaFortuneFamily_01 copyLaFortuneFamily_03 copy

LaFortuneFamily_10 copy

LaFortuneFamily_13 copy

LaFortuneFamily_16 copyLaFortuneFamily_18 copy

LaFortuneFamily_27 copy

LaFortuneFamily_29 copy

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mini Accordion Albums

Mini Accordion Albums make the perfect little gifts. These are perfect small brag books that fit nicely in your purse or in your desk at the office. After hearing so much about these little cuties, I had to order some myself. I took this opportunity, however, to create little brag books for my parents & in-laws of my daughter's 2 year photos I took recently. Let me say that they all adored these little books! They are really the cutest thing. and what Grandparents DON'T want pictures of their grandchild to show off?

Here are a few pics I took of it. Must excuse my attempt at product photography. That and trying to do this with Hailey tugging at my shirt the whole time!

The Front with a view of the back panel
AccodianAlbum301 copy copy

When pulled out, there are pictures on both sides. This is the front panel
AccodianAlbum303 copy copy

The back cover
AccodianAlbum302 copy copy

These little books are about 3x3 in size and are held closed with mild magnet which is embedded in the front and back covers . The particular template design I used for this held about 15 pictures in it. Each template design is different and the picture quantity will vary.

If you are interested in ordering these with your session images, feel free to contact me about what type of design you would like. Christmas is just around the corner! ;)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Brown-Eyed Girl {Los Angeles, CA Children Photographer}

This gorgeous brown-eyes cutie is turning 8 years old. I had the pleasure of photographing her and her mom at one of my favorite locations. Her eyes are a beautiful golden brown and really shined during the shoot!

Here are a few of my favorite images.

Amanda&Madison_04 copy

Amanda&Madison_07 copy

Amanda&Madison_30 copy

Amanda&Madison_33 copy

Amanda&Madison_45 copy

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The G Family {Southern California Family Photography}

I am so lucky to have worked with such awesome families. The G family are made of up some fun and happy people! Not only are these little girls SO easy to photograph, the family as whole just beams. It was great to get in some traditional family shots then sit back and photograph them being the great family they are! Talk about a proud Daddy who's completely wrapped around his daughter's fingers! Too cute!

GerrickFamily_05 copy

GerrickFamily_08 copy

GerrickFamily_09 copy

GerrickFamily_13 copy

GerrickFamily_28 copy

GerrickFamily_20 copy

GerrickFamily_35 copyGerrickFamily_31 copy

GerrickFamily_47 copy

GerrickFamily_45 copyGerrickFamily_42 copy

GerrickFamily_37 copy

More Boudoir Water Shots {Southern California Boudoir Photography}

Since the water shots from my most rescent Boudoir session seem to not only be my favorite but also, a favorite of most of my commenters on the original post, I decided to post a few more images captured in the water!

AutumBoudoir_78 copy

AutumBoudoir_84 copy

AutumBoudoir_97 copy

AutumBoudoir_87 copy

And because the horse shots were equally HOT and I wonder if I will ever come across a girl who will be willing to get on a bare-backed horse half naked and let me photograph her, here's another one....

AutumBoudoir_45 copy

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sexy Vixen {Inland Empire, CA Boudoir Photographer}

This shoot was absolutely AMAZING! I have a new love for outside boudoir sessions. I was over the moon excited when this sassy red-head wanted to embark on this. This session really peaks at the top! We went to a local horse stable which happens to be along side a shallow river. Not only did this sexy vixen sprawl across the horse, she also got into the river with him. I can now cross off my list that I have gone into a river to get some shots and let me tell you it was SO SO worth it! Another shoot where it was so hard to narrow down which ones to show to everyone. However, a teaser ends up here where on Boudoir Blogsite for prospective clients get a deeper look into the session. ;) I know, I am such a tease!

Make up by Carina at Flawless Faces. 
Hair by Audrey Honeycutt ( (714) 791-8922) 

AutumBoudoir_02 copyAutumBoudoir_12 copy

AutumBoudoir_22 copy

AutumBoudoir_41 copy

AutumBoudoir_47 copy

AutumBoudoir_92 copy

AutumBoudoir_96 copy

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sweet Baby C {Los Angeles Newborn Photographer}

I had the sweet pleasure of photographing this 2 week old cutie! She happens to have parents who are very good friends of ours so this shoot was really special! Baby C was so sweet and sleepy. Perfect little model!

CourtneyNB_25 copy

CourtneyNB_20 copy

CourtneyNB_06 copy

CourtneyNB_28 copy

CourtneyNB_22 copy

CourtneyNB_09 copy

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Boudoir Marathon is SOLD OUT!!

I am so flattered and excited to announce that the Boudoir Marathon sold out in 3 DAYS!!! You all ROCK!!

For those of you that may have missed out, feel free to email me. If I get enough interest generated, I may put on another marathon! Also, you can always set up a non-marathon session with me as well! Endless possibilities!!

Hope you all have a great week! Can't wait until October!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Boudoir Marathon!! {Orange County, CA Boudoir Photography}

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Ladies, get ready to feel and look amazing!!

Boudoir marathons are an awesome way to pamper yourself and get some super sexy photos!

The details:
I have put together a few options starting at a ridiculously low price of  $.

The Sultry:
~Fabulous hotel in Anaheim, CA
~One hour session with 2 outfit changes
~Glass of Pink Champagne
~At least 25 fully retouched images on a password protected online gallery
~High resolution CD of all proofed images

The Exotic:
~Fabulous hotel in Anaheim, CA
~One hour session with 2 outfit changes
~Glass of Pink Champagne
~At least 25 fully retouched images on a password protected online gallery
~High resolution CD of all proofed images
~Full make up by Katy Shut
~8x10 of favorite image

The Vixen:
~Fabulous hotel in Anaheim, CA

~One hour session with 2 outfit changes
~Glass of Pink Champagne
~At least 25 fully retouched images on a password protected online gallery
~High resolution CD of all proofed images
~Full make up by Katy Shut
~5x5 Sexy Book 

There are 6 0 spots left!! SOLD OUT!!

To summarize…

1. What?… Boudoir Marathon Sessions on October 10th (starting at 10am)

2. Where?… An amazing Hotel in Anaheim, CA. I only release these details to those who book! :)

3. Why?… Do this for YOU, do this for HIM, either way… DO IT! And Christmas IS right around the corner...

4. Why a marathon session? Allows several sessions to be booked at once and you get a beautiful modern hotel room for a cheap price rather fronting the entire cost yourself!

5. But I need some help!… Makeup Artist extraordinaire, Katy Shut, will be on hand to gussy you up (I highly recommend choosing the option including make up with Katy! You won't regret it!). All final images will go through a retouching process as well, though it will not need much...seriously!

6. What should I bring?... Your beautiful self, 2 outfits you wish to wear and any props you want to incorporate. If you are doing this for your honey, including something with his favorite hobby or sports teams is a great idea!

7. And I’m scared!…. Don’t be!!! Katy and I will be there to make you look fabulous. It will be a super FUN, relaxed, environment and you will leave feeling totally liberated!

8. Is this private?… Absolutely. Your session time is scheduled for you only. And don't worry, only images YOU chose would make it on my blog/website. I wouldn't post anything without permission!

9. And what happens after?… Your final images will be put in a private, password protected gallery for you to view and order additional products and prints if you do not purchase a package that includes it. A 10x10 or 5x5 Sexy book is the most popular way to keepsake your images or present them to a special someone!

10. How?… Call or email me, Meghan Wiesman, to reserve your slot, there is only 6 of them available!

I already have several people inquiring about spots, so they will go quickly. If you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible. You can email me ( to reserve a spot or to get more information. A $50 retainer will be required to hold the date. Can't wait! :)