Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brand New

Baby Grant was 7 days old when I first laid eyes on him. And I can officially say he was the very first baby to give me the slightest bit of baby fever (Shhh!!!). He is so so precious and has some of the cutest little expressions. The L family is such a beautiful new family and you can see how much they adore their little guy!

GrantNewborn 012

GrantNewborn 057

GrantNewborn 025

GrantNewborn 027

The baby feet. I just love baby feet!!
GrantNewborn 059

This cloth we wrapped him in happened to be the same cloth used for Lisa's maternity photos wrapped around her belly. It was so sweet to see him wrapped in it outside of her tummy!
GrantNewborn 162

GrantNewborn 149

GrantNewborn 288

GrantNewborn 347

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hats off to the Grad!

There are 2 things significant to this time of year, the beginning of Wedding season and Graduations!! This High Graduate Beauty is one of many closing this chapter of their lives and opening a new one.

We headed to a local train station & college for this photo session. We had a great time and wow, does she have some gorgeous cat eyes!!

AmandaMSenior 143

AmandaMSenior 146

AmandaMSenior 180

AmandaMSenior 216

AmandaMSenior 053

AmandaMSenior 231

AmandaMSenior 099

AmandaMSenior 283

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Goodbye College Life

I have to say that this particular shoot made me laugh. This College Graduate happens to be my Brother in Law. We are all so proud and excited for him as he leaves the college life behind and is thrown into the "real world." He did his mother a huge favor by agreeing to let me (and only because it was me) photograph him for his Graduation announcements/invites. This shoot was literally done in my front and back yard. He simply threw on his cap & gown and his college sweatshirt as we headed outside. He's a lot more photogenic then he cares to admit (and since he looks so much like my husband, I am a tad bit biased!).

Anyway, we ended up geting some really nice (but not too forced) images for his graduation. In just 3 short weeks he will getting his degree... and then hopefully not too soon afterwards, a job!

Congratulations Jeff!!

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Web Sharpen1

So for this particular image I was going for something edgy, contrasty and textured. Jeff is a great musician and is amazing on the drums (and thanks to him my daughter has a love for playing them too). So I hung his cap on his drums and caught him as he played. I used several different Totally Rad Actions in order to create this effect and add some texture.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Beach Baby

For Mother's day, I got a new camera. I have been drooling over this camera since I learned about it. I think this camera has been swooned over by almost every photographer. We headed to the beach on Mother's Day and of course I had to take my camera and give it a run. I am even more impressed with this camera then I was before. See for yourself....

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Simply Boudoir

You may have noticed that not many of my photos are in black & white. I love color and have a hard time turning such a beautifully colored images black & white. Even though I do LOVE black & white images and have a special way of doing so. *wink*

With my most recent Boudoir Session, I found two images that just had to be black and white. Christine is so beautiful and these two images are some of my absolute favorites.

Christine Boudoir 217

Christine Boudoir 328

I am looking to expand my portfolio with Boudoir photography. If you are interested in a session, please contact me for a special rate and more details! ;)