Friday, July 30, 2010

Candy Land {San Gabriel Valley, CA Children Photographer}

Look who's turning 2!! I have to AW my own child a bit. At the end of August, my little munchkin turns 2! I can't even begin to describe how fast the past 2 years has gone. She is such an adorable, vibrant and animated child and I just adore every bit and piece of her. She is such a sweetie and has some irresistibly kissable cheeks with stunning blue eyes!

For her birthday invitation, I decided to put her in front of my lens and do a mini-shoot. I grabbed some balloons on the way home from work, set her small Hailey-sized picnic table in our front yard, tied the balloons to it and prepped my husband for a goofy session. As most 2 year olds are, she wasn't very interested in sitting still but that was perfectly fine. I was able to catch Hailey, being Hailey!! I really popped these images into bright, candied colors. Fits perfectly with her personality!

Hailey 2 yrs old 048 copy

Hailey 2 yrs old 004 copyHailey 2 yrs old 036 copy

Hailey 2 yrs old 019 copy

Hailey 2 yrs old 008 copyHailey 2 yrs old 024 copy

Hailey 2 yrs old 022 copy

Hailey 2 yrs old 013 copy

Hailey 2 yrs old 070 copyHailey 2 yrs old 089 copy

Hailey 2 yrs old 074 copy

Hailey 2 yrs old 068 copyHailey 2 yrs old 051 copy

Hailey 2 yrs old 062 copy

Hailey 2 yrs old 091 copy

Party of 5 {Inland Empire, CA Family Photographer}

I had the great pleasure of spending the evening with the K family. The kids decided to celebrate their parent's 30th wedding anniversary with a family/couples shoot! This family is so much fun! Congrats on the 30 year anniversary! Cheers to another 30 years!

KenyonFamily_02 copy

KenyonFamily_06 copy

KenyonFamily_12 copy

KenyonFamily_16 copy

KenyonFamily_10 copy

KenyonFamily_40 copy

KenyonFamily_45 copy

KenyonFamily_39 copy

KenyonFamily_47 copy

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Red Velvet {Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer}

The first thing that comes to mind when I see these images is Red Velvet. Think of that song "Black Velvet" and replace it with Red Velvet! I mean really, can you say flawless skin?? Sultry eyes??? Miss J knows how to work the camera!

Va Va Voom!!

JennaBoudoir_10 copy

JennaBoudoir_13 copy

JennaBoudoir_04 copy

JennaBoudoir_46 copy

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Adorable Sisters {Inland Empire Family & Children Photographer}

These two girls were just a joy to work with, Their mother is so beautiful and you can tell they have a fabulous bond with one another! Such sweet girls. We went to a beautiful park with a great pond and even got some images with Grandma & Grandpa. Thanks for a great evening!! Here are a few from this session!

Cristina_05 copy

Cristina_11 copy

Cristina_13 copy

Cristina_33 copy

Cristina_35 copy

Cristina_36 copy

Cristina_20 copy

Cristina_40 copy

Cristina_42 copy

Friday, July 16, 2010

Anniversary {Orange County Couples Photographer}

K & D are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary. Wow, are they a HOT couple. These two had me laughing the whole time. And you can really see how much they adore each other in these images. It wasn't difficult to capture. Despite the busy Holiday weekend, we had an awesome beach shoot!!

Without further ado...

Karla&David_01 copy

Karla&David_07 copy

Karla&David_09 copyKarla&David_11 copy

Karla&David_51 copy

Karla&David_16 copy

Karla&David_20 copy

Karla&David_26 copy

Karla&David_22 copy

Karla&David_30 copy

Karla&David_48 copy

Karla&David_44 copy

Karla&David_52 copy

Karla&David_39 copy