Friday, September 24, 2010

Beach Boudoir Sneak Peek {Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer}

My latest outside, water Boudoir session. This blonde bombshell makes my job easy. The camera loves her and she photographs so so beautifully! This is just a small teaser for now. More of this awesome beach Boudoir session to come!

AmandaBeach_31 copy

Saturday, September 18, 2010

We are Family! {Inland Empire Family Photography}

This family was loads of fun!! Photographing large groups can always be challenging but this family made it easier! I hope Grandma loves these images for her walls this year! ;)

BFamily_04 copyBFamily_07 copy

BFamily_13 copy

BFamily_18 copy

And the two people responsible for this giant family!
BFamily_26 copy

BFamily_29 copy

BFamily_32 copy

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big Smiles {Inland Empire Family & Child Photographer}

Little bright blue-eyed boy baby A had one of the most contagious smiles I have yet to come across. His smile would fill his entire face (pay attention to his Daddy, because he has his Daddy's smile hands down!). It was the sweetest thing. Little A also turned 6 months old. So to celebrate, A's parent booked a shoot and I dug around my in-laws attic to find something different to add. Low & behold, there was my husband's Grandmother's old suit case from the 1950's. Old, weathered and PERFECT! Little A loved this suitcase and would sit, smile and ham it up for the camera! It was so refreshing to watch this family interact. You can just feel how much they adore their little man!

Aidan6Months_01 copy

Aidan6Months_05 copy

Aidan6Months_09 copy

Aidan6Months_19 copy

Aidan6Months_20 copy

Aidan6Months_29 copy

Aidan6Months_34 copy

Aidan6Months_35 copy

Aidan6Months_40 copy

Aidan6Months_43 copy

Sugar & Spice {Los Angeles Newborn Photography}

Sweet little baby E is incredibly photogenic! I am growing to truly love photographing newborns. There is something about the pure innocence and calmness about a newborn baby.  Baby E was 2 weeks old and has the most beautiful complexion (if you took a look at her mommy, you would see where she gets it from). Her parents were big Charger fans so you will see how E will be the cutest & youngest Charger cheerleader (and who DOESN'T love a newborn baby girl in a tu-tu??).

EmereyNB_01 copy

EmereyNB_06 copy

EmereyNB_12 copy

EmereyNB_19 copy

EmereyNB_22 copy

EmereyNB_33 copy

EmereyNB_34 copy

EmereyNB_35 copy

EmereyNB_26 copy

EmereyNB_08 copy

Thursday, September 2, 2010

She's Having a Baby {Los Angeles, CA Maternity Photographer}

This particular momma-to-be holds a special place in my heart. Not only is she absolutely stunning, she is also a good friend of mine. We met 4 years ago at our lovely place of employment. :) You cannot deny her beauty shines through as she adores her baby bump and awaits the arrival of her son.

Along with daddy-to-be, we hopped on down to a gorgeous beach in Malibu, CA. It was like a mini hidden paradise right up our very own coastline. Gorgeous scenery along with a couple that clearly adores their unborn son equals a great evening shoot!

VanessaMaternity_01 copy

VanessaMaternity_02 copyVanessaMaternity_06 copy

VanessaMaternity_08 copy

VanessaMaternity_13 copy

VanessaMaternity_21 copy

VanessaMaternity_26 copy

VanessaMaternity_35 copy

VanessaMaternity_40 copy

VanessaMaternity_46 copy

VanessaMaternity_52 copy

VanessaMaternity_55 copy

Capturing the beautiful sunset was a must!
VanessaMaternity_58 copyVanessaMaternity_59 copy

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

High School Senior {Los Angeles, CA Lifestlye Senior Photographer}

Miss A is graduating this year! A big milestone in a teenagers' life. They head out into the world with several of unknowns and adventures waiting for them!

However, in the meantime, they can enjoy their last year of school as the top of the class! And what better reason for a lifestyle photo shoot. Forget the formal session with the same drape or tux in every picture (Do they still use that? It's been awhile since I have been in High School! haha). Letting Seniors be themselves and photographing them in their own world makes for a fun photo shoot!

This particular day was a hot one! But A was a trooper and boy did her make up hold up perfectly! A is incredibly photogenic. We wandered around a giant location with lots of variety for these shots. Enjoy!

Alicia Senior_11 copy

Alicia Senior_09 copy

Alicia Senior_13 copy

Alicia Senior_18 copy

Alicia Senior_20 copy

Alicia Senior_24 copy

Alicia Senior_40 copy

Alicia Senior_30 copy