Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mini Accordion Albums

Mini Accordion Albums make the perfect little gifts. These are perfect small brag books that fit nicely in your purse or in your desk at the office. After hearing so much about these little cuties, I had to order some myself. I took this opportunity, however, to create little brag books for my parents & in-laws of my daughter's 2 year photos I took recently. Let me say that they all adored these little books! They are really the cutest thing. and what Grandparents DON'T want pictures of their grandchild to show off?

Here are a few pics I took of it. Must excuse my attempt at product photography. That and trying to do this with Hailey tugging at my shirt the whole time!

The Front with a view of the back panel
AccodianAlbum301 copy copy

When pulled out, there are pictures on both sides. This is the front panel
AccodianAlbum303 copy copy

The back cover
AccodianAlbum302 copy copy

These little books are about 3x3 in size and are held closed with mild magnet which is embedded in the front and back covers . The particular template design I used for this held about 15 pictures in it. Each template design is different and the picture quantity will vary.

If you are interested in ordering these with your session images, feel free to contact me about what type of design you would like. Christmas is just around the corner! ;)

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