Wednesday, September 1, 2010

High School Senior {Los Angeles, CA Lifestlye Senior Photographer}

Miss A is graduating this year! A big milestone in a teenagers' life. They head out into the world with several of unknowns and adventures waiting for them!

However, in the meantime, they can enjoy their last year of school as the top of the class! And what better reason for a lifestyle photo shoot. Forget the formal session with the same drape or tux in every picture (Do they still use that? It's been awhile since I have been in High School! haha). Letting Seniors be themselves and photographing them in their own world makes for a fun photo shoot!

This particular day was a hot one! But A was a trooper and boy did her make up hold up perfectly! A is incredibly photogenic. We wandered around a giant location with lots of variety for these shots. Enjoy!

Alicia Senior_11 copy

Alicia Senior_09 copy

Alicia Senior_13 copy

Alicia Senior_18 copy

Alicia Senior_20 copy

Alicia Senior_24 copy

Alicia Senior_40 copy

Alicia Senior_30 copy

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