Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The R Family {Southern California Family Photographer}

When I think of this family, the first thing that pops in my head is adorable! Though the boys were a tad bit shy when we first started, they loosened up & relaxed in a matter of minutes. This session was a breeze and at a beautiful location with some gorgeous lighting!

Take a look at the baby K's big brown eyes! ::SWOON:: Thanks for a fantastic evening!

ReevesFamily_05 copy

ReevesFamily_06 copy

ReevesFamily_11 copy

ReevesFamily_16 copy

ReevesFamily_19 copy

ReevesFamily_24 copy

ReevesFamily_27 copy

Story behind the image below is that Big Brother, M really wanted to be in the background of a photo. So I took this opportunity to allow him to pose as he wanted sitting on the bench. This shot was hilarious!
Action for this shot courtesy of On The Spot Studio.
ReevesFamily_31 copy

ReevesFamily_32 copy

ReevesFamily_35 copy

Aren't Mom & Dad beautiful together?! No wonder their kids are gorgeous!
ReevesFamily_45 copy

ReevesFamily_41 copy


  1. Love the doors to that location! (Library?) :)

  2. Adorable! I especially love her eyes in the 3rd from the bottom!!

  3. These are great! Love the location too!

  4. They have gorgeous brown eyes! I love the shot of the boy covering his eyes whilst his parents smooch.

  5. Love these! Mom did an great job with the clothing choices!

  6. Great family photos! The location is wonderful!!!

  7. AMAZING! hehe I love the kissy one with lil man covering his eyes. Beautiful work. Nice sharp and rich in color.

  8. LOVE the lighting in these, and what a cute family! Fantastic work!