Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ladies Evening Out!

The particular shoot took place during what I call the "magic hour." This is the hour before sundown where the lighting is just perfect. For natural light photographer, lighting is everything! To top it off, this was taken at my favorite location. This beautiful mommy happens to be a part of my mommy circle and I was so pleased she wanted a shoot of her & her adorable daughter for her husband for Father's Day. Perfect gift, I am sure he will treasure these images of his gorgeous girls!

Trista&Fiona_01 copy

Trista&Fiona 058 copyTrista&Fiona 040 copy

Trista&Fiona_20 copyTrista&Fiona_14 copy

Trista&Fiona_29 copy

I played with some On The Spot Studio actions on these two images, though uploaded online doesn't do them justice!
Trista&Fiona_43 copyTrista&Fiona_36 copy

Trista&Fiona_47 copy

Trista&Fiona_44 copy

Trista&Fiona_50 copy copyTrista&Fiona_52 copy

Trista&Fiona_59 copy

In this particular spot, the golden sundown was bouncing off the walls just enough to give this image a golden accent! (P.S.This image is basically straight out of the camera! LOVE magic hour!!)
Trista&Fiona_60 copy


  1. Great set, I'm sure Dad loved them!

  2. Wow, the lighting here was perfect! I Love the ones of them in the arched doorway. What a perfect Fathers Day gift, you did a beautiful job.

  3. Beautiful mom & daughter. Lighting is wonderful!

  4. Fantastic mother-daughter photos!

  5. That third photo (the ones of her holding the girl in the air!) is perfect! Great job :o)

  6. These are adorable! Great job :)

  7. What an adorable little girl. These are wonderful!