Saturday, June 26, 2010

LifeStyle Photography: Twins!

These 18 month old twins are just the cutest things ever, and boy, are they BUSY. I'll admit, they wanted NOTHING to do with me. haha. They were way too busy enjoying themselves at a local park. But this leaves the perfect opportunity to get candid, REAL shots. All images were not posed or planned. They were simply caught in their adorable toddler moments. All expressions are real and show their stellar personailities. And I have to give major credit to their amazing parents... they make raising twins look EASY. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon of keeping me on my toes!

Without further ado, here are Hope & Henry:

Hope&Henry_43 copy

Hope&Henry_05 copy

Hope&Henry_18 copyHope&Henry_35 copy

Hope&Henry_29 copyHope&Henry_07 copy

Hope&Henry_24 copy

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